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A first precision: our " filters " ARE NOT FILTERS."

During quenching, oils are degraded under the effect of several causes:

The oxidation of oil.
-the solid particles brought in oil by the soaked parts behave like accelerator of oxidation.-
-solid particles (carbonization of oil) and liquids (tar due to chemical conversions) due to heat

Acidification of the baths due to the production of organic acids.

" Conditioners " LEFCO are thus equipped with treated special cartridges chemically in-depth

- to retain the solid particles (and act in this case like filter, but with a great holding capacity),
- to process the products liquidate in " pasty " products (to be able to stop them in the cartridges),
- to act against the increase in acidity per action of organic and mineral bases.

It is really an "oil treatment", and not a simple filtration.

The same problem exists, although less important, in the case of lubrication oils for engines, because we find the same temperatures with the same effects.

The cartridges for lubrication oil are also chemically treated, but the treatment is lighter than for the specific quench oil cartridges.


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