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We do more than filtering


“We do more than filterig”.

We do not sell filters, we sell filtration, i.e. the resolution of your problems by taking account of the technique and profitability.

This site includes 4 principal levels,

The home page (with the choice of the languages)

The summary (the page which you read).

The various chapters

Contents of the chapters, with sometimes of " under levels ".

Which are the chapters?

  1. Solid-liquid separation, in general calls " filtration ".
  2. Liquid-liquid separation.
  3. Gas-liquid separation.
  4. Heat treatment, treatment quenching oils being the specialty of LEFCO
  5. Applications
  6. Addresses to contact us.
  7. And the news of LEFCO or filtration (congress for example).

The passage from one chapter to another is done by using the menu in the left higher corner of the page.

Displacement inside a chapter is done by using the menu in the higher right corner of the page.
(there is not on this page of summary)


You find filtration too complicated ?
pose simply your problem to " ",
we will answer under 48 hours.

We too design and manufacture SPECIAL FILTERS
on special request of our customers



LEFCO has shared a participation
 in the capital of the company


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